Interior Design With Pets In Mind

Interior Design With Pets In Mind

I love these pictures!!  Some of you are well aware of my (somewhat obsessive) undying love for pets.  There’s not much I wouldn’t do for our furry companions; I’m not painting their nails or feeding them caviar, but beyond that, let’s just say I’m pretty attentive to their needs and wants.  In honor of our four-legged friends everywhere, I decided to give all pet lovers a few tips for your interior design keeping your pets in mind.

Living with pets brings happiness and some unique challenges when it comes to the way our homes look and smell. With some upfront planning and smart choices, you can minimize the potential stress of keeping your home looking and smelling great.














Secrets for interior design with pets in mind:

1. Skip the wall to wall carpeting-pet fur gets trapped and pet oils get embedded.  Consider laminate flooring or ceramic tile. Not only will this avoid stains , but it’s  much healthier for the family. If buying a room rug, try to match it as closely  to the pet’s hair color as possible. Another care-free flooring is vinyl. It can  be bought in strips looking just like hardwood.

2. Avoid flat paint – your pets rub against the walls-the paint will come off with the dirt you are trying to clean off

3. Match the color of your upholstery and bedding to your pets fur color-yes, the fur will still be there, but it won’t show as much

4. Buy attractive, patterned area rugs that are easy to clean-the pattern in the rug will hide the fur better.  This isn’t an excuse not to vacuum regularly, but it may reduce the frequency.

5. Most importantly, make sure your pets have places and spaces to hang out in.  For example, give your kitty a good view of the outdoors in a sunny preferably high up spot.  Make sure your dog has appropriate chew toys (all dogs need to chew) so your furniture legs aren’t tempting.

6.Draperies are magnets for dust and pet hair. Home Depot or Lowes carry very  nice window blinds that are faux wood, easily washable, and they let in a lot of  light.

7.Buy a serenity fountain, they come in beautiful styles and cats love to drink  out of them. Make sure the dog doesn’t empty it in one trip to the water hole.  Scented candles cover up the pet smells, and they also set a romantic mood next  to the fountain.

Your home is your castle. There’s no reason not to enjoy both the pets and the home. It just takes a little planning and some consideration for the four legged  family members. Buy practical furniture, flooring, and window coverings and  everyone will be at peace.

How do you accomadate for your pets?  I would LOVE to see and share your photos!!  Email pictures of your pet an their favorite spot to erin@creativehomeconsulting.  Best photo wins a 1 hour FREE Interior Design consultation.

By the way the photos above were take from  Uttermost is one of my favorite lines.  Uttermost has great artwork, accessories and accent furniture pieces.  Click on any of the photos above to visit their website. 

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